16mm Profiler 'Slim' Rod Rests

16mm Profiler ‘Slim’ Rod Rests


12.5L Square Camo Bucket

NGT Quick Release System

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3 Stainless Steel Quick Release Systems

Foolproof, simple and incredibly quick

Discover the NGT Quick Release Connector system, a great time-saving and incredibly strong three piece set made from precision cut, long life stainless steel. Each Quick Release Connector utilizes a hardened ball bearing locking pin that’s incredibly tough and durable whilst being very easy to unlock. Developed for use with handles, nets, bank sticks, keep nets and bite alarms. To use simply screw one part of the connector into a landing net handle or bank stick, and connect the other part on to any landing net head, keep net, bite alarm or rod rest. The fittings are then simply pushed together.


Expect to Pay: £8.95
Product Code: FO-QUICK-REL-3-SS