NGT Alarms & Indicators

The NGT brand is renowned for affordable quality and our great range of fishing accessories are Revolutionising Tackle. Our bite alarm and indicator sets provide an effective way to distinguish line activity for optimum strike response. Discover all the latest innovative fishing products from NGT, join us on facebook and keep an eye out for our latest products, special offers and competitions.

Dynamic Bite Alarms 4

Dynamic Wireless Bite Alarm Set

11th October 2018 • The new Dynamic Bite Alarm set has been described as some of the best alarms on the market but...


ProLine Chain Indicator Set

16th October 2017 • A set of three ‘ProLine’ chain indicators in blue, purple and clear...

NGT Deluxe Indicator Set

Deluxe Midi/Maxi Indicator Set

24th April 2016 • The Deluxe Midi/Maxi Indicator Set contains 3 bars, 3 maxi indicator heads and 3 midi...


Maxi Chain Indicator System

24th April 2016 • The Maxi Chain ‘Pro-Indicator’ System comes complete with an...


NGT Indicator Bars – 300

24th April 2016 • The NGT 300 is a super slim deluxe drop off indicator bar with...


NGT Original Chain Indicator Set

24th April 2016 • The NGT Original Chain Indicator Set contains three traditional style...


NGT VS Wireless Alarm & Transmitter Set

24th April 2016 • Variable Tone and Volume Adjustable Frequency Waterproof   A 3pc alarm and transmitter...