Barbless Coarse Eyed Hooks


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Barbless Coarse Hooks to Nylon

NGT Barbless Coarse Hooks to Nylon are available in six most commonly used sizes; our size 8 barbless hooks are tied to 6lb B/S line, size 10 hooks to 5lb B/S line, size 12 hooks tied to 4lb B/S line, 14 to 3lb B/S line, 16 to 3lb B/S line and size 18 barbless hooks tied to 3lb B/S line.

FH-N-8-BL FH-N-10-BL FH-N-12-BL FH-N-14-BL FH-N-16-BL FH-N-18-BL FH-N-BL-2 FH-N-BL-3

Expect to Pay: £1.85
Product Code: FH-N-BL
Sizes Available: 8-18’s Barbless to Nylon