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NGT Captur Floating Sling & Holding System

The Ultimate in Fish Care
Lightweight Fully Functional Design
Ideal for Large Fish

The NGT Captur Floating Sling and Holding System is a great way to safely retain and transfer fish to and from the bank.

An excellent choice for seasoned pro’s and beginners, the Carptur will stay afloat and upright whatever the conditions due to its eight floats and lightweight design. The Captur’s sides and base are constructed using an ultra-fine fish friendly fiber mesh which allows for fast drainage.

The Captur system includes a 2-meter heavy duty nylon rope and peg for securing the sling to the bank allowing it to move freely without it drifting away and has the added benefit of allowing you to do other things without worrying that it will float away.

Working in the water and on the bank is simple with the Captur’s locking top bars which hold the sling open and can be quickly removed to allow the sling to close, handy when you’re returning and extracting the fish to the water.

At NGT we pay close attention to the small details so the Captur has a heavy duty two-way zipper and locking clips ensuring your precious catch doesn’t slip away until you’re ready. The Captur sling can be used even the largest of fish, with six carry handles available weight distribution during transit can be kept even which reduces stress on the fish.


After more than a year in development, we would like to introduce our Captur® sling and holding system.  Features include:

  • 8 Independent net floats to ensure the system always floats on the water even in severe conditions
  • A double zip and locking clip so that there is no chance for the fish to escape
  • A 2m rope and peg to secure the system to the bank
  • 2 Removable bars that hold the system open at all times
  • Fine mesh runs along the sides and bottom of the system allowing fast drainage combined with fish friendly materials
  • 6 Carry handles – to cover all contingencies
  • Large size – Ideal for specimen fish
  • A free carry case


Size: 120 x 26 x 50 cm
Weight: 1kg
Expect to Pay: £39.95
Product Code: FU-SLING-500