NGT Deluxe Carp Sack


NGT Deluxe Floating Sling


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NGT Carp Sling System & Case

A deluxe sling system with zips on either side. This allows you to easily and safely place the sling on top of your unhooking mat, then place the fish on this and zip up and weigh (and release) with ease. This sling has a fiberglass rods running through its upper seam for added strength and stability now with reinforced end caps and supplied with a case. (Stink bag.)

FU-SLING-065-2 FU-SLING-065-3 FU-SLING-065-4 FU-SLING-065-5 FU-SLING-065-6

Size: 120 x 50cm
Expect to Pay: £14.95
Product Code: FU-SLING-065