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NGT CatchMac®

Protect your clothes from fish slime and odours with a NGT CatchMac®


How often after putting back the fish of your dreams and having held it up for those glorious photos, you find yourself covered in fish slime? It’s then all over your favourite t-shirt or hoodie, which you now need to change. Especially in the summer or on an overnighter, afterall, you don’t want to sleep in that! The NGT CatchMac® provides an impenetrable barrier to protect clothes from fish slime and nasty odours during photo sessions.

The NGT CatchMac® simply wipes clean with a damp cloth and air-dries within minutes.

Perfect for the British summer, the CatchMac® is 100% waterproof and extremely lightweight. It has a discreet hood in a zipped pocket on the back of the collar, should you need it, as well as elasticated sleeves to minimise water running down the inside of your arm, and it comes in a neat little draw-string bag.

FC CATCHMAC 150x150 - NGT CatchMac® FC CATCHMAC 2 150x150 - NGT CatchMac® FC CATCHMAC 3 150x150 - NGT CatchMac® FC CATCHMAC 4 150x150 - NGT CatchMac® FC CATCHMAC 5 150x150 - NGT CatchMac®

Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL & XXXL available
Material: 90% Polyester + 10% PVC
Expect to Pay: £12.99
Product Code: FC-CATCHMAC