NGT Bait Storage, Prep & Deliverance

The NGT brand is renowned for affordable quality and our great range of fishing accessories are Revolutionising Tackle. Our range of bait storage, preparation and deliverance fishing essentials provide everything you need for a great fishing session. Discover all the latest innovative fishing products from NGT, join us on facebook and keep an eye out for our latest products, special offers and competitions.


21st June 2018 • Camo Glug Pot Bag


21st June 2018 • Camo Zip Cover Bait Bin


NGT Match Fishing Catapult

19th February 2018 • Unbeatable Quality Ideal for Match Anglers Long Lasting Elastic   New to...

Baiting Spoon and Handle Set

19th February 2018 • Baiting Spoon and Handle Set

NGT Grinder Funnel

18th February 2018 • Funnel for Grinder with Handle

NGT 9pc Punch Set

18th February 2018 • 9PC Assorted Bread & Meat Punch Set


Throwing Stick with Quick Loader

5th February 2018 • This 20mm diameter throwing stick is made from a highly robust polycarbonate...


NGT Carp Particle Catapult

1st February 2018 • A top quality carp particle catapult. With only top quality materials used...