NGT Bait Storage, Prep & Deliverance

The NGT brand is renowned for affordable quality and our great range of fishing accessories are Revolutionising Tackle. Our range of bait storage, preparation and deliverance fishing essentials provide everything you need for a great fishing session. Discover all the latest innovative fishing products from NGT, join us on facebook and keep an eye out for our latest products, special offers and competitions.

NGT Multi Bait Grinder System

NGT Multi Bait Grinder System

7th January 2018 • This new bait grinder system from NGT makes light work of grinding down baits...


7th January 2018 • NGT Boilie Grinder with Handle


NGT Deluxe Large Glug Pot

7th January 2018 • This high-quality glug pot with removable inner tray allowing boilies to be easily glugged...


7th January 2018 • NGT Deluxe Small Glug Pot

NGT glow-in-the-dark baiting spoon

NGT Mini Glow-in-the-Dark Mixing/Baiting Spoon

27th December 2017 • Another innovative and first from NGT. A mini mixing/baiting, glow in the dark spoon and 25cm...


31st October 2017 • Deluxe Groundbait Bowl


Rigid Supreme Groundbait Bowl

16th October 2017 • Our new ground bait bowl features a rigid design and added padding. This item also has a metal...