NGT Floats

Here at NGT we are always developing our range of innovative angling tackle with the aim to provide you, the discerning angler, with an affordable and reliable selection of angling essentials. NGT’s reputation was founded on quality so it’s no surprise that over the last sixteen years we’ve been providing anglers in over 20 countries with everything they need for a great days fishing.

NGT Waggler Floats

NGT Unloaded Waggler Floats

27th December 2017 • NGT unloaded Waggler Floats come in six weight options, 7BB, 6BB, 5BB, 4BB, 3BB and 2BB and...

NGT Loaded Waggler Floats

NGT Loaded Waggler Floats

27th December 2017 • NGT Loaded Waggler Floats come in five weight options, 5+2BB, 4+2BB, 3+2BB, 2+2BB and 1+2BB...


25th April 2016 • Standard Pole Rigs

NGT Waggler Clear Fishing Floats

25th April 2016 • Clear Waggles floats