NGT Landing Nets & Handles

Here at NGT we are always developing our range of innovative angling tackle with the aim to provide you, the discerning angler, with an affordable and reliable selection of angling essentials. NGT’s reputation was founded on quality so it’s no surprise that over the last sixteen years we’ve been providing anglers in over 20 countries with everything they need for a great days fishing.

8th November 2018 • NGT Camouflage Pan Net

Deluxe Stalker 42″ Carp Net with Carbon Arms

16th October 2017 • Ideal for anglers on the move or as a space saver. This combo consists of a triangular...

2m 2pc Fiberglass Screw Fix Net Handle

25th April 2016 • A 2m (6.6ft), 2pc telescopic net handle with soft rubber grip and ‘screw...

25th April 2016 • 3m 3pc Fiberglass Net Handle

25th April 2016 • 2.2m Telescopic Net Handle

Coarse Scoop Net Standard 60cm

25th April 2016 • A pan landing net with ‘scoop’ front. Ideal for all silver fish and...