NGT Baiting Tools

At NGT we have plenty of baiting tools available to make the baiting up process easier and quicker for the perfect bait presentation. NGT stainless steel Baiting Tools are corrosion resistant to provide a lifetime of reliability, that’s why our Deluxe Baiting Needle & Scissor Set at just £7.95 is an absolute bargain. Take a look at our NEW Hair Rig Tyer which makes tying hair rigs super easy. Simply use the sliding adjuster to choose the length of your hair rig and quickly tie the perfect knotless hair rig time and time again.


10th July 2019 • Baiting Spoons


NGT Dynamic Throwing Stick

27th November 2018 • The ultimate bait throwing stick. This is an incredibly lightweight...

NGT Grinder Funnel

18th February 2018 • Funnel for Grinder with Handle

NGT 9pc Punch Set

18th February 2018 • 9PC Assorted Bread & Meat Punch Set


Throwing Stick with Quick Loader

5th February 2018 • This 20mm diameter throwing stick is made from a highly robust polycarbonate...

NGT Multi Bait Grinder System

NGT Multi Bait Grinder System

7th January 2018 • This new bait grinder system from NGT makes light work of grinding down baits...