NGT Bivvies

STOP! Before you purchase your next bivvy make sure you check out the NGT Bivvy range. We built our reputation on providing premium quality at everyday prices so it’s no surprise that our bivvies are made to only the highest standards as you’d expect! Our Fortress 2 man bivvy provides the same space and levels of comfort seen in bivvies four times the price. A class leader with it’s unbeatable performance and quality the NGT Fortress benefits from a super lightweight design without compromising strength and is made from 100% waterproof 210D nylon.


9th January 2020 • Neoprene Bivvy Mat

hooded bivvy

Hooded Fortress Bivvy

26th July 2018 • Class Leader through Unbeatable Performance and Quality Lightweight Design without...


25th April 2016 • 10 x 20cm Bivvy Pegs and Case


24th April 2016 • NGT 2 Man Fortress Overwrap


NGT 2 Man Fortress Bivvy

24th April 2016 • Class Leader through Unbeatable Performance and Quality Lightweight...


NGT 2 Man Double Skinned Bivvy

24th April 2016 • A 2 man double skinned green bivvy with ground sheet included. Made...