NGT Brollys

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want to be out on the bankside regardless of the weather conditions. This is just as well, as, although we’d all hope that all of our angling sessions are warm and cloudy, for the UK based angler the chances are that you’re going to be spending the majority of your time on the bank in your waterproof getup, with the rain streaming down. Waterproof angling clothing choices are all well and good but for true all-over protection for you and your tackle, you need something a little more heavy duty. If you’re not planning on bringing a full-on bivvy or shelter down to the bank, then an angling umbrella is an absolute essential – ensuring that you can keep dry when the weather is less than clement.

NGT 60" Dynamic Brolly

Dynamic’ 60″ Brolly

9th August 2018 • The NGT Dynamic Brolly is a large 60″ diameter fishing umbrella that’s built for...

50" Camo Storm Brolly with Sides

50″ Camo Storm Brolly with Sides

19th February 2018 • Includes Pegs, Guy Ropes and Case Woodland Camouflage High-Quality Nylon   A large...


50″ Deluxe Black Brolly with Tilt Function

21st September 2017 • A 50 black 210D match brolly with fully taped seams, (100% waterproof) orange trim and tilt...


45″ Green Brolly with Side Sheet

21st September 2017 • A 45 green brolly with tilt function and zip on/off side sheet made...


21st September 2017 • 50″ Standard Green Brolly


21st September 2017 • 45″ Standard Green Brolly


NGT 50″ Camo Storm Brolly

24th April 2016 • Includes Pegs, Guy Ropes and Case Woodland Camouflage High-Quality Nylon  ...


NGT 45″ Camo Brolly + Zip-On Side Sheet

24th April 2016 • A 45″ camo brolly with zip on/off side sheet with windows and tilt....