NGT Nets

The NGT brand is renowned for affordable quality and our great range of fishing accessories are Revolutionising Tackle. Our landing nets are available in a range of styles and sizes, we have taken care to ensure the mesh materials used will not cause injury or discomfort to the fish. Discover all the latest innovative fishing products from NGT, join us on facebook and keep an eye out for our latest products, special offers and competitions.


22nd January 2019 • NGT Camo Specimen Net

NGT Camouflage Landing Net

NGT Camouflage Dual Float Net

21st November 2018 • Our famous deluxe dual net float is now available in our new net...


Deluxe Stalker 42″ Carp Net with Carbon Arms

16th October 2017 • Ideal for anglers on the move or as a space saver. This combo consists of a triangular...


50″ Specimen Net

24th April 2016 • A 50″ black and green mesh carp/pike landing net with a black metal spreader block and...


24th April 2016 • 42″ Specimen Net


36″ Specimen Net

24th April 2016 • A 36″ black and green mesh specimen landing net with a black metal...