NGT Rig Wallets

The NGT brand is renowned for affordable quality and our great range of fishing accessories are Revolutionizing Tackle. Our rig wallets are a great way to organise and store rigs, with a range of soft or ridged wallets to choose from there no excuse to get in a tangle ever again. Discover all the latest innovative fishing products from NGT, join us on facebook and keep an eye out for our latest products, special offers and competitions.


21st June 2018 • Camo Stiff Rig Wallet

NGT Carp Tackle Box with Rig Board

NGT Carp Tackle Box with Rig Board

27th December 2017 • The NGT Carp Tackle Box with Rig Board is ideal for storing hair rigs and terminal tackle...

NGT Chod / Zig Bin

31st October 2017 • NGT Chod / Zig Bin


NGT PVA Rig Storage Bag

24th April 2016 • Designed in-house, we’re proud to introduce the NGT PVA Rig Storage Bag. ...


24th April 2016 • NGT Complete Carp Rig System