NGT Multi-Purpose Rig / Lead BIn


NGT PVA Rig Storage Bag


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NGT Complete Carp Rig System

A multi-rig carp wallet. Features include 4 separate compartments, 4 mini terminal tackle boxes, (included) a detachable stiff rig board with pins, 2 pockets to store various items, an elasticated retainer for storing baiting needles and a super soft EVA handle for easy and comfortable transportation. (Made from 600D polyester with PVC backing.)

FLA-RIG-564 FLA-RIG-564-2 FLA-RIG-564-3 FLA-RIG-564-4 FLA-RIG-564-5 FLA-RIG-564-6 FLA-RIG-564-7

Size: 34 x 21 x 8 cm
Expect to Pay: £14.95
Product Code: FLA-RIG-564