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DLX Plastic Stiff Rig Board with Pins


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Complete Rigid Carp Rig Pouch System

New design. This is the ultimate all round carp storage system, ideal for all those small essentials. Features include: two 2-Way bit coxes, two 3-Way bit boxes, two 4-Way bit boxes, two glug pots, a twin zipped lead storage compartment, six ‘packet pouch’ compartments and numerous additional storage compartments. For easy transportation, the Complete Rigid Carp Rig Pouch System includes two heavy-duty carry handles.

FLA-RIG-850-2 FLA-RIG-850-3 FLA-RIG-850-4 FLA-RIG-850-5 FLA-RIG-850-6 FLA-RIG-850-7 FLA-RIG-850-8 FLA-RIG-850-9 FLA-RIG-850-10 FLA-RIG-850

Size: 28 x 16.5 x 17 cm
Expect to Pay: £24.95
Product Code: FLA-RIG-850