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NGT Dynamic Cree Light


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Dynamic Wireless Bivvy Light

The new Dynamic Wireless Bivvy Light is a multi-functional light that doubles as a receiver for our new Dynamic Bite Alarms. Working as a normal bite alarm, when synced with our Dynamic Bite Alarms, the light will wake itself up during the night when one of your alarms is going off. While the white LEDs around the outside of the light illuminate so you can see what you’re doing, the central multi-coloured LED will light up to the corresponding light of your alarm, letting you know which rod has a bite. You can even set an adjustable time for the light to turn itself off. The light is easy to hang using the super strong magnetic plate on the base of the alarm.

You can check out our the bite alarms by following this link – Dynamic Bite Alarms.


Expect to Pay: £22.95
Product Code: FBA-LIGHT-DYN