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2018/19 Catalogue


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Where can I find instructions on how to assemble my products?

We have downloadable instructions on our website. Click the following link to head to the instructions now –


How do I pair my bite alarms with their receiver?

Follow this link to download a set of instructions –


How do I synchronise my Dynamic Bite Alarms with my Dynamic Bivvy Light?

You can download instructions to do this on our website by following this link –


I can’t find any instructions for my product?

Email customer services and request instructions and we will get back to you as soon as possible –


Why are my Dynamic Bite Alarms going off when I turn them back on?

Your alarms are probably in range finder mode. Turn your alarms off lower the sensitivity dial to somewhere between 1 and 3. Now turn them on.


Can I buy a single Dynamic Bite Alarm?

Unfortunately not, these only come in sets of three pieces plus the receiver.


What does being a Field Tester for NGT involve?

Field Testers are expected to submit regular catch photos and reports, product reviews, promote NGT on the bank and social media. Field Testers have access to an online members-only discount store to purchase products for testing.


How do I become a Field Tester for NGT?

If any positions become available at any time then we will post this news on all of our social media platforms.


I have a faulty product, who can I contact to get it fixed?

The first person to contact is always the vendor/retailer you purchased the product from. Should this not be possible or the retailer is unable to fix the problem, then you can contact You will need to tell us the retailer you bought the product from. We will also need photographic evidence of any faults so that we can understand the problem and help. Photos also help us to illustrate any rare but potential ongoing issues to our manufacturer.


How do I sign up to NGT’s monthly newsletter?

You can subscribe to our GDPR friendly mailing list by visiting this link and fill out the form.


Is the remote and light that comes with the Anglers Selfie Tripod compatible with my phone?

The remote works on any phone with Bluetooth connectivity. You will need a standard 3.5mm headphone jack for the light to work on your phone. iPhones newer than an iPhone 6S or SE will not have this.


How big is the NGT Fortress Bivvy?

You can find a floorplan and measurements by following this link –


Where can I buy NGT’s products?

We do not sell to the general public other than at designated fishing trade shows/exhibitions. You can find a list of our retailers on our website using the Store Locator tab or by following this link – Here you will be able to find your local tackle shop or find a website that sells our products. The majority of our retailers have an online presence or store and would be happy to send your purchases to you.

If you run a fishing tackle business and would like to start selling our products, then please feel free to contact us and we can setup a wholesale business account for you.


Where can I get a catalogue?

All of our products can be seen on our website. However, many of our retailers stock our printed catalogues in store. You can also download a copy of our catalogue here –