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NGT Large Carp Set

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NGT Large Carp Kit

170 Piece Set
Assortment of Clips, Beads and Hooks
Compact and Convenient

The NGT Large Carp Kit contains 170 different carp accessories all stored in a tackle bit box. The set contains: 10 x Size 8 swivels, 10 x Size 8 quick change swivels, 10 x Multi clips, 10 x Green soft buffer beads, 10 x Green 8mm soft shock beads, 10 x Green tail clips, 10 x Green lead clips, 10 x Black tail clips, 10 x Black lead clips, 10 x Black 8mm soft shock beads, 10 x Brown tail clips, 10 x Brown lead clips, 10 x Brown 8mm shock beads, 10 x Brown rig sleeves, 10 x Size 6 barbless eyed carp hooks, 10 x Size 8 barbless carp hooks and 10 x Size 10 barbless carp hooks.


Contents: 170 Pieces
Expect to Pay: £11.95
Product Code: FTT-SET-CARP-LRG