NGT 6 Way Stiff Rig Wallet

NGT 6 Way, 72 Rig Carp Stiff Rig Wallet


NGT Complete Carp Rig System


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NGT Multi-Purpose Rig / Lead BIn

Yet another new item! The NGT Multi-Purpose Rig / Lead BIn is great for storing NGT terminal tackle, carp leads and more.

FLA-RIG-908-2 FLA-RIG-908-3 FLA-RIG-908-5 FLA-RIG-908-6 FLA-RIG-908-7 FLA-RIG-908-8 FLA-RIG-908-9

Size: 25 x 8 x 8 cm
Expect to Pay: £9.95
Product Code: FLA-RIG-908