NGT Teflon Coated Micro Barbed Curved Shank Carp Hooks

Teflon Coated Micro Barbed Curved Shank Carp Hooks


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NGT Chod Rigs

The NGT chod rigs have been hand tied with a high level of neatness and precision. Each pack contains four rigs, two short and two long, the difference in length allows you to select the best rig for the lake bottom you are fishing on, e.g. the short rig presents the bait close to the bottom on clear and firm lake beds whereas, the longer will be better where there is blanket weed, leaves etc  The rigs are tied using 15lb mono line, micro-barbed Teflon carp hooks, matt black swivels and a plastic boilie screw. They are available in either size 6 or 8. Having the end rigs pre-tied makes life easy for the angler who has then only got to choose which presentation they prefer, e.g. “naked chod” or maybe a “hinged choddy”.

Tip: Take the rig out of the packet and run your thumb from the eye of the hook to the swivel to create a nice curved effect. This will increase the efficiency of the hooking ability.


Size: 8 & 6
Expect to Pay: £2.95