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NGT Dynamic Hair Rigs

As you will come to realise the Dynamic name is only used on the best of NGT’s products. Each of these items shares a high level of precision and quality. These hair rigs fit perfectly into this category.

Expertly tied using 25lb PVC coated braid and our wide gape Teflon coated hooks, Dynamic Hair Rigs offer carp anglers a ready-tied rig they can depend on in all circumstances.

Why choose to buy pre-made rigs? These are great for anglers who are either just starting out or are inexperienced at tying rigs and are perfect for anglers as a backup or who are constantly on the go.

Available in 4 different hook sizes, included in the pack of 2 rigs are 2 matt black swivels and 2 quick change swivels, as well as 6 boilie stops in different sizes. Each pack also has a green braided rig or a black braided hook, depending on your preference.


Size: 4, 6, 8 & 10
Expect to Pay: £3.45
Product Code: FH-HR-TWIN-4-MICRO