NGT Outdoor Grill Pan




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NEW to the NGT range of pods. Once made and setup, this pod and therefore your rods, are going nowhere!

This is a great little lightweight pod, that folds down and comes apart, before fitting into its neat little carry case. It’s also fully adjustable, with an extendable base and bank sticks. The set includes taller back bank sticks and shorter front back sticks to allow you to angle your rods at the water.

In a first for pods, it also has a centralised pegging point for close up fishing and for fishing locked up. One of our strong bivvy pegs is also included in the set.

FP XPR 2 150x150 - NGT XPR Pod FP XPR 3 150x150 - NGT XPR Pod FP XPR 4 150x150 - NGT XPR Pod FP XPR 5 150x150 - NGT XPR Pod FP XPR 7 150x150 - NGT XPR Pod FP XPR 8 150x150 - NGT XPR Pod

Product Name: NGT XPR Rod Pod
Size: 28cm wide, up to 84cm long x 47cm high (fully extended)
Colour: Black
Expect to Pay: £42.95
Product Code: FP-XPR