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Profiler 50 9+1BB Carp Runner Reel


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Profiler 30 9+1BB Carp Runner Reel

Extremely Affordable with Freespool Mechanism
Front Drag System
Impressive Retrieve Rate


The Profiler 30 maybe the smallest carp runner reel in our Profiler range but it’s perfect for the angler who wants a full freespool facility or exceptionally reliable front and rear drag on a small bodied reel.

The Profiler 30 weighs in at a mere 355g and will balance well on any number of NGT rods. This smooth operator has nine plus one ball bearing setup which significantly reduces the amount of friction exerted leading to flawless performance and overall reliability.

But looking deeper at the Profiler 50 there really is more on offer than just understated good looks, there’s performance too! Firstly and most notably, it’s size makes it suitable for most UK lakes and reservoirs. The Profiler 50’s tenor is in distance casting, so when everyone else is yards from the bank you’re targeting that big shoal of carp holding up safely in the middle of the lake. With casting distances up to 100 yards you would be right to expect a high retrieval rate and it has the Profiler 50’s slow oscillation provides a very desirable line lay.

As with all our performance carp reels, the Profiler 50 boasts a range of must have features including an incredibly smooth action. With a nine + one ball bearing spool the ultra smooth winding action is almost effortless. The clutch can be easily adjusted for each setup reducing any potential for line breaks, hook pulls and making free spooling a real pleasure. The Profiler 50 bail arm has a very positive locking action due in part to a beefed up bail spring assembly and you can say goodbye to frustrating line twists and fraps with our precision made stainless steel line roller bushing.

We tested the Profiler 50 on a range of carp rods of varying lengths and it provided a good average balance on the 9, 12 and 13′ rods we tested. Weighing in at just 435g the Profiler 50 is lightweight and ready to perform in all situations. For extra durability, it is supplied with an aluminum and graphite spool. The Profiler 50 is ideally built to accommodate 10lb and 12lb lines however it does offer an excellent spool capacity for the breaking strain line you choose.

Our Profiler 30 9+1BB Carp Runner Reel is a top of the range reel that creatively utilizes 9+1BB for a silky smooth spool that provides an efficient 5 to 1 gear ratio. We’ve included a spare graphite spool as standard making line changes a cinch. Being a size 30 reel it is ideal for F1 carp on the feeder with lines of 8-10lb.


Clutch: One Way
Gear Ratio: 5.1:1
Ball Bearings: 9 + 1
Line Capacity (mm/m): 0.25/240, 0.28/190, 0.33/135
Line Capacity (lbs/yds): 8/260, 10/210, 12/150
Reel Weight: 355 g
Expect to Pay: £44.95
Product Code: FRL-PROFILER-30