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Profiler 70 10+1BB Big Pit Carp Runner Reel

Less Line Friction During Casting
Designed for Launching Rigs a Long Way
Impressive Retrieve Rate


The NGT Profiler 70 Big Pit Carp Reel is the largest reel in our Profiler range. Like it’s peers, the Big Pit 70 is finished with a durable blend of deep bronze and graphite black coatings which result in an incredible eye-catching and stylish reel.

Don’t be too distracted by the Profiler 70’s good looks though, it is after all a Big Pit Reel designed to cast over long distances of 130+ yards. With the Profiler 70 deploying vast amounts of line with every cast it was essential to give it a high retrieval rate and slow oscillation for a desirable line lay.

As with all our performance carp reels, the Profiler 70 boasts a range of winning features for an incredibly smooth action. With a ten ball bearing spool the winding action is ultra smooth, almost frictionless. The clutch can be easily adjusted for each setup reducing any potential for line breaks, hook pulls and making free spooling a real pleasure. The Profiler 70 bail arm has a very positive locking action due in part to a beefed up bail spring assembly and you can say goodbye to frustrating line twists and fraps with our precision made stainless steel line roller bushing.

Out of the box the Profiler 70 weighs in at a well balanced 695g and is ready to perform in all situations. For extra durability, it is supplied with an aluminum and graphite spool. The Profiler 70 is ideally built to accommodate lines from 12 to 20lbs and offers an excellent capacity for the breaking strain line you choose.

Our Tip: If you’re looking to increase your distance casting here’s a few helpful hints to help you achieve your full casting potential. Firstly fill your spool to the rim with 10lb monofilament line. Secondly, ensure you are using a strong braided or nylon leader. The tangle reducing helicopter rig and a distance lead will gain you a few more yards and maybe try reducing boilie size for less wind resistance.

360° View: Take the Profiler 70 Reel for a spin…


Clutch: One Way
Gear Ratio: 4.8:1
Ball Bearings: 10 + 1
Line Capacity (mm/m): 0.33/460, 0.36/390, 0.41/300
Line Capacity (lbs/yds): 12/500, 14/430, 20/330
Reel Weight: 695 g
Expect to Pay: £69.95
Product Code: FRL-PROFILER-70