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Quick Sink

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Quick Sink Braid

NGT QUICK SINK is a fast sinking, low stretch braid with high knot strength. Made of 100% aramid fiber, it is soft and very strong at the same time. Tests have proven that this line can cast 20% further than other braided lines! As well as being good for distance carp fishing this line is a fantastic choice for medium-heavy or heavy feeder fishing. Each spool holds 300m of moss green braid.

  • 20lb (9.1kg) B/S Line, Diameter: 0.20mm
  • 25lb (11.4kg) B/S Line, Diameter: 0.23mm
  • 30lb (13.6kg) B/S Line, Diameter: 0.30mm

FL-B-25LB-300M-QS-2 FL-B-25LB-300M-QS FL-B-25LB-300M-QS FL-B-25LB-300M-QS-2

Size: 20 lb, 25 lb, 30 lb
Length: 300m
Colour: Moss Green
Expect to Pay: £19.95
Product Code: FL-B-(20lb, 25lb, 30lb)-300M-QS