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Quick Sink Braid


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Teflon® Coated Spod Braid

NGT Teflon® coated Spod / Marker braid is an abrasion resistant floating braid with the highest possible knot strength. Being soft and incredibly strong, our tests have proven that this can cast 20% further than other braided lines. It has a 30lb (13.6kg) breaking strain and comes in spools of 300m with a line diameter of 0.28mm. The Teflon® coating adds strength to the line and the hi-vis fluorescent colour makes it easy to spot when in the water.

FL-B-30LB-300M-SPOD FL-B-30LB-300M-SPOD-4 FL-B-30LB-300M-SPOD-3 FL-B-30LB-300M-SPOD-2

Size: 0.28mm x 300m spool length
Expect to Pay: £21.95
Product Code: FL-B-30LB-300M-SPOD